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The raison d’etre of Oh! Calcutta is to celebrate the centuries old cuisine of Calcutta. This diverse cuisine has developed organically from the confluence of various cultures including Lucknowi (Avadh), Continental, Chinese and Bengali.

Oh! Calcutta recreates dishes from the old recipes selected through painstaking research in libraries, old clubs and grand mothers’ diaries. The chefs who recreate these legendary dishes come straight from the heart of this culture.
Oh! Calcutta, as the name suggests, offers a diverse range of cuisines that make Kolkata the gastronomical capital of the country. Oh! Calcutta's selection of cuisines makes it stand apart from other usual multi-cuisine restaurants in the city.

Bengali, Nawabi, Chinese and Continental cuisines are served in this restaurant, whwre the ambience is that of a Kolkata club.

Ar Oh! Calcutta, the most passionately enjoyed dishes are Prawn Malai Curry, Hilsa Bhapa (steamed), Mutton Rezala, Lucknowi Biryani and Smoked Bekti. For the vegetarians, Banana Flower Croquette, Smoked Cottage Cheese and Cauliflower with Mustard and Coconut are highly recommended.
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